how the hell do i talk to people

Stand in front of them and press A




*shimmies close* aaaay

879 plays!


I was so curious at hearing Link’s possible voices that I had to hunt down speaking clips from Ganondorf’s voice actors to hear what he’d sound like, too! Since there were only three voice actors for him, I found two examples of each. Like with Link’s voices, the TP start sound separates the voice actors:

  • Ocarina of Time, SSB Melee, Wind Waker - Takashi Nagasako - voice clips from Soul Calibur II (Cervantes) + Naruto (Yashiro Uchiha)
  • Twilight Princess, SSB Brawl - Hironori Miyata* - voice clips from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness (Maderas + Vulcanus)
  • Hyrule Warrors - Taiten Kusunoki - voice clips from One Piece (Urouge) + Naruto (Ibiki Morino)

*Hironori Miyata also voiced Tingle in Wind Waker


I swear to god I always change Link’s and Gan’s ages. They’re not supposed to be that far apart orz…

Anyways, this was a nice warm up before commissions since I feel I havent drawn any gerudo link comics in a while. =3=

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Do you have a link to your art? Or do you have an art blog? :)

right here!

I just have a tag for it!! 
:3 You can find it on that little navigation box thing on the left of my blog page!!

I’m mush brain apologies xmx

For the noisy thing 5 to 10!!!

5:Do you take drugs?
A lot of people think I do, but I really don’t. I just have a wild imagination and I just really like food, okay. XD

6:Age you get mistaken for
I’m p sure I got mistaken for a 16 year old before. IT depends on how I’m dressed?

  • 7:Have tattoos?
  • image Just this one!

    8: Want any tattoos?
    I want sleeves, yes. Idk of what yet.

    I really, really want 
    An older version of Godzilla on my leg, (me and my dad have always watched the shows and movies together!)  so whenever I go to the beach to see my dad— the Godzilla will go in the water when I go in the water and it will look cool— and always make me laugh/smile!

    9: Got any piercings?

    image older pic, but this is my left ear,

    and the right! (sigh, miss my shaved sides..I’ll get them back ones day!!)

10:Want any piercings?
so many.
Septum, more ear piercings, maybe snake bites… 
Mainly want tattoos more than piercings, though!  Hard to get a job— especially when you live in the south with the bible belt and all that bs haha



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i never take baths


i never take baths