u ever draw something and it looks REALLY GOOD and you’re like



Another splendid fuck-ton of clothing references (per request).

Someone scanned this from a book called “Drawing Yaoi.”

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yw! :B might post them on my blog later but ehhh idk *shrug* feel a bit weird about posting naked people in stomachs oop asfdg

Yeeheh! Do what you feel comfortable with!
I mean, if anything tag it nsfw— but I understand! I still get nervous with putting up pics of clothed people in tummies /(*m*)\





things that make me laugh harder than they should:

gifs made with terrible stationary parts






big beautiful boss


big beautiful boss

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thank you because it needed to be said. that and im getting sick and tired of going in the vore tag and getting pictures of watermelon-boobed anime girls covered in you-know-what being eaten by snakes.

oh dear god
I mean if it had the same thing, but with guys and— well— it’d still be kinda narsty

idk like I need more giants and monster men in my life hhh -rolls away-

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man, I should draw more innards > v >

-wink wink nudge nudge-
-waggles eyebrows- they’re really great, though heheh


making my way downtown

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man I really do want a pet when I feel confident enough in my ability to take care of another living thing aaaa. snail and rat would be high on the list.

Both sound very nice!!!
But I completely understand~ just do a little research and give it some time?? c: